Refurbished Laptop Warranty

The below warranty terms and conditions apply to our Refurbished Laptops.

This warranty applies for the time period stated on the item description, from the date of purchase. You can view these details by viewing your Order History online or referring to your order email.

If your laptop fails during normal and proper use within the Warranty Period, Toggle On will repair or replace the defective parts of your laptop, or your laptop itself, with new or reconditioned parts or products that are functionally equivalent or superior to those originally supplied.

This Warranty does not include failure caused by improper installation, operation, cleaning or maintenance, accident, damage, misuse, abuse, modifications to your laptop, any software programs, normal wear and tear or any other event, act, default or omission outside Toggle On's control. 

The upgrading of parts considered user-accessible by the manufacturer of your particular model laptop are permitted and will not void your laptop's warranty if performed correctly and without damaging your laptop. The upgraded parts will not be covered by Toggle On's warranty nor any compatibility issues or consequences thereof. 

This Warranty does not include the natural deterioration of your laptop battery which is considered a consumable item.

Toggle On will not restore or transfer any data or software from your laptop's storage. If your laptop is repaired, all user generated data may be permanently deleted.

Any software delivered with your laptop is provided as-is. Toggle On does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of any software provided with your laptop.

This warranty covers the hardware of your laptop. Toggle On will provide technical support for your laptop's preinstalled software only when it concerns the proper functioning of the hardware. For other problems with the software, we advise you to review online user manuals and/or other online resources. Third party software may require support from the respective vendors.

Customer responsibility

Ensure your laptop has adequate ventilation and that its vents are not blocked. Use your laptop on a flat hard surface such as a desk. Do not use your laptop directly on a bed, on a rug or carpet, or any location where dust and lint may clog the fan over time. 

Do not liquid such as drinks near your laptop. If you spill liquid on your laptop, immediately press and hold the power button to power it off while simultaneously flipping your laptop over so that the keyboard faces the floor. In this position, disconnect the AC adapter and remove your laptop battery if your laptop has an accessible battery. Leave your laptop to dry in this position. Do not attempt to turn your laptop on until it is completely dry, at least 24 hours. Liquid spillage is reliably detected when it has occurred. Liquid spillage voids your warranty and failing to advise this when making a warranty claim will incur significant diagnostic costs in opening and inspecting your laptop. 

Do not have any hard items such as your AC adapter rest on your laptop's lid, particularly in transport. This will often break the LCD. 

Do not leave your laptop connected to the power supply once it is fully charged and not turned on.

Some electrical items are not designed to be left connected to the power supply for extended periods of time.

Periodically back up your data stored on your laptop.

Keep the original packaging if possible. In case your laptop needs to be returned for repair, original packaging provides a better protection for your laptop during transportation.  

Do not set a BIOS/firmware password unless you are certain that you will remember it long term. If the password is forgotten, your laptop can only be repaired by replacing the entire motherboard, which is not covered under the Warranty.

When contacting Toggle On Customer Service

You will be requested by Toggle On to perform some of your laptop's troubleshooting tasks or actions, which often include restoring your laptop's operating system and updating the drivers.

If the problem is not solved, you will have to send your laptop to us. We will advise shipping instructions and we will arrange to cover shipping costs by our chosen shipping method. Do not send your laptop until you have received and followed our shipping instructions.

Ensure that you have fully backed up all the data stored on your laptop. You agree that Toggle On may delete any data, software, or programs installed on your laptop without restoring them. Toggle On shall not be held liable for the permanent loss or damage of your data.

Remove or provide any password that you assigned to your laptop.

Exclusions from this limited Warranty Service

Toggle On does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of this laptop. The warranty only covers technical hardware issues during the warranty period and in normal use conditions. It does not apply to software issues or customer induced damages or circumstances such as but not limited to:

Your laptop has been tampered with, repaired and/or modified by non-authorised personnel.

The serial number of your laptop, components or accessories has been altered, cancelled or removed.

Damage (accidental or otherwise) to your laptop that does not impact your laptop's operation and functions, such as without limitation to rust, change in colour, texture or finish, wear and tear, and gradual deterioration.

Damage to your laptop caused by war, terrorism, fire, accident, natural disaster, intentional or accidental misuse, abuse, neglect or improper maintenance, and use under abnormal conditions.

Damage to your laptop caused by improper installation, improper connection or malfunction of a peripheral device such as printer, optical drive, network card, or USB device, etc. 

Damage to your laptop caused by an external electrical fault or any accident.

Damage to your laptop caused by third party software or virus(es); or there is software loss or data loss that may occur during repair or replacement.

Unusability due to forgotten or lost security passwords.

Unusability of or damage to your laptop caused by contamination with hazardous substances, diseases, vermin, or radiation.

Fraud, theft, unexplained disappearance, or wilful act.

Unusability or damage to your laptop caused by installing and using an Unlock Device App, which is a utility that will unlock your laptop's boot loader but will render your laptop's warranty null and void.

Out-of-Warranty cases

Returning your laptop to the Toggle On Repair Centre during the warranty period does not automatically mean that it will be repaired free of charge. Upon receiving your laptop, Toggle On reserves the right to check the validity of your Warranty and your request for warranty service. If the Warranty Period has lapsed or if any of the exclusions apply, your request will be deemed out of warranty.

Toggle On may charge you a diagnostic fee (including transportation costs if any) of up to $100 if your service request is out of warranty.

Abandoned Property

If an out of warranty fee is not paid or if delivery is not possible at the address provided by you, Toggle On will dispose of your laptop after 100 days from the date of the initial request for payment or an updated address.